Tuesday, November 25, 2014

L'amante Del Vampiro (1960)

To call this the "Vampire and the Ballerina" is tantamount to proclaiming that a porn star is a serious actress. While technically the truth it's a long stretch as far as minutaie goes. The so-called ballerina is more a jazz dancer if even that. As to which girl in the troupe is the ballerina is as much a guessing game as the translation itself. I mean, at times the goddamn subtitles simply say "?" for entire segments of dialogue so even the title might not be literally accurate. Hey, I never claimed that I was a film historian or a linguist!

This was probably a very sexy movie for 1960 and in my opinion still is. Sure, there's no nudity but the several segments showing exposed thigh or neck and dry humping of the sheets and writhing in bed are highly sensual though not overtly ribald. Yeah, you don't have to have a gaping crotch or exploding tits on the screen to showcase the erotic side of femininity. Though I will say that the gratuitous ass in panties/tights shots were rather forced and unnecessary for an intelligent audience. So sayeth the troglodyte.

The plot is fairly standard though this vampire isn't particularly fond of harnessing a harem of faithful bints or trying to secure true love for that matter. In fact, he's sort of a hit-and-run lover and sucker of thy blood that isn't afraid to brutalize his victims to ensure his own lasting survival.

Blood-fetching in this one is quite discreet and the actual appaearance of the crimson fluid is non-existent if I remember correctly.

All of the aforementioned flaws are fine by me and don't particularly spoil the enjoyability of the movie. Nor do its qualities push it into the upper strata for the genre. A solid, better-than-average flick from the Italianos.

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