Sunday, September 1, 2013

Twins of Evil (1971)

It's Hammer time! After watching several schlock and fock films in the genre it's nice to return to the well-crafted and acted section. Despite the movie centering on two buxom twins it sticks to a strong central plot line and doesn't middle.

As for the twins, they are not of the Doublemint variety. Well, one of them is but she's been run roughshod over by the evil half of the pair and finds mischief cavorting with Count Karnstein, the resident Satanist-vampire. Debauchery and destruction follow the Count and soon the twins are enmeshed in the world of the undead.

Can Uncle Gustav, the Puritanical right hand of God that burns suspected witches at the stake, save the darling girls when his path crosses Karnstein's in one final battle of wills? I think the better question to ask is: "when do the boobs make their full fledged appearance, sir?" Very late, my minions but it's worth the wait.

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