Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Horrible Sexy Vampire (1970)

Nudity within the first 2 minutes of a movie shall never be frowned upon at this venue and is almost a prerequisite in the 1970s brand of the vampire genre. But the sexploitation opening scene soon morphs into something more staid. It's as if a typical horror movie had been spliced together with a lost episode of Masterpiece Theater without warning or introduction. So mote it be.

The problem, or shall we call it the intrigue, of Baron Winnegar, the murdering count, is that his bloodless murders are disembodied endeavors for the first half of the movie that illicit about as much terror as a cornball love scene from Twilight. When Winnegar finally appears in the flesh the effect adds nothing in shock or scare value.

The film is well-acted but lacks the promised horribleness and sexiness. I'm not sure that's necessarily a negative but it certainly isn't a positive. Well... there's more boobs after the opening scene so I guess all's not lost. Despite the fact that the movie embed above abruptly ends at the 51:13 mark, well before it's official end.

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