Friday, September 27, 2013

The Blood Drinkers (1966)

When two young twin girls are given up for adoption and grow up worlds apart nobody could guess that one would become a vampire's mistress with a heart condition. As such, her vampire lover--and Telly Savalas's young doppleganger--must seek out the perfect transplant donor: her sister. Oh yeah, the Count's a doctor, too, and will be performing the said heart procedure.

The vampire Marco and his ghoulish gang consisting of a temptress, a hunchback and a dwarf set up in the normal sister Charlito's hometown and begin wreaking havoc. When Charlito's adopted parents are turned into vampires the biological mother hen returns to fill in the missing pieces of information. However, her acts aren't charitable as she is under Marco's spell as Charlito soon will be as well.

That is, until Jesus comes to the rescue! Through the help of a priest all are released from the vampiric spell, including Marco and his bride. The exaltation is temporal, of course, because the Devil always has his say as well. Thus, the transplant must go forward.

Will the encroaching throngs of clergy and citizenry thwart Marco's diabolical operation? Watch it and see, suckas!

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