Thursday, September 12, 2013

Embrace of the Vampire (1995)

Everything that makes the Jess Franco movies from the 1970s, and their ilk, masterpieces--nudity galore, lesbianism, emo poetics--seems quite stale in the renderings of the 80s through present. What was artsy in the former turned into romance novels in the latter. Literally. Plus the story line of the innocent teenage girl going off to private school or college and turning into a whore is so hackneyed that it's neither plausible or pleasurable.

Now, if you simply want to see Alyssa Milano naked then you won't be disappointed. She's quite the handsome ingenue and perfect bait for an emo vampire. Plus there are the perfunctory nudie scenes that do not disappoint in the least if that's what you're into. And while the plot is hackneyed it's not abysmal, though it does lean in that direction.

2.5 fangs.

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