Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pale Blood (1990)

Even though this movie was released in 1990 it sure the hell has an early '80s feel to it and seems rather dated. Which isn't really a deterrent so much as the fact that the movie is more plot-less than it is bad. Sure, a vengeful vampire trying to stop a poser mass-murderer posturing as one of the undead is a novel enough concept but the story isn't very cohesive outside of that and ambles along bumping into the plot on occasion. The part of the agent-reporter hired by the vampire is pretty much pointless other than to add another vagina into the mix. Well, and to provide some bogus irony at the end of the flick.

Otherwise, girls are falling all over the real vampire, Michael Fury, despite his stiffer than death persona, while an amateur auteur steals the show and slashes away in secret perversion. That is, Wings Hauer was quite excellent in the movie despite its shoddiness. I can't say that it was a total failure because although the movie was rather predictable in its results, the approach wasn't.

2.1 fangs.

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