Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Erotikill [aka Female Vampire] (1973)

If the scribes Allen Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski taught us anything it's that there's a fine line between poetry and pornography. With most movies that I've seen by Jess Franco, he's proven to be the cinematic embodiment of a such a sentiment. This flick is no exception.

When a movie is called Erotikill it's no wonder that it should began with a naked vampiress walking towards the camera until she is right on top of the lens and blurring it out with her full pubic center. Yeah, you know the plot line here: a naked vampire sizzles and scorches the lives of those around her in a frenzy of sensual blood lust. There is telekinesis, sex, picturesque scenery, fuzzy-artsy screen shots, a little S&M and several encores of sex.

I like it! The narration and dialogue is a perfect accompaniment to the visual poetry and though the story barely leaves the sexploitation side of the mark it never fails to respectably meld art with smut into a cohesive melange.

I guess there's an unedited version called Female Vampire as well as an x-rated cut called Insatiable Lust which includes graphic fellatio. Cute, eh? I see why I can't find any newspaper articles on this one.

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