Monday, August 26, 2013

Blood of the Vampires [aka Curse of the Vampire] (1971)

The term blood is to be taken literally with this film as a hidden family curse is exposed when daddy Escodero's dying last wish to have his mansion estate burned to the ground is pronounced upon his heirs. With protestations from his son Eduardo the progenitor is forced to explain his seemingly selfish act by letting his son witness the spectacle of his vampire mother--who had been assumed dead for many years--being kept in a coffin, whipped and chained to a wall.

Short of killing the already shallow plot I'll just say that the curse is passed on from the mother to her offspring despite the valiant effort of the dying father. Is forbidden love the only way to thwart the curse? Egads, you'll see.

The first half of this movie ranks up there with my favorite vampire flicks before it devolves into Gone With the Wind Part Douche but a few scenes salvage it still. Especially the ones where three servant girls in black face are present and also one where, a priest realizing that a girl is in the process of changing into a vampire, states, and I paraphrase, "Satan is in this room. We are powerless." and then proceeds to flee with his attendants from the home.

Yes, it's B-movie schlock but the fuzzy framework, the dark setting and shoddy effects play right into my psychedelic sensibilities.

3 frenzied fangs.

PS... also, if you let the video player run after the end it will take you to director Gerardo De Leon's previous vampire effort The Blood Drinkers from 1966. Forgive the commercials since I couldn't find this picture anywhere else.

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