Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Velvet Vampire (1971)

A hippy-dippy slogfest through telekinetic passion, ditzy blonde moments and a barrel full of bad acting. This desert centered flick has enough artsy nature photography in it but not enough to absorb the thousand tons of trite plot lines and a weakly delivered script.

If you must know, a newly enjoined couple accepts a vampiress's invitation to her desert fortress where they are seduced into a web of sex, mystified insouciance, more sex, a killing off of the small population of locals, even more sex and then perhaps the worst ending to a vampire movie in the history of cinematography. 

Not a bad movie in total but certainly not a great one either.

The Village Voice, November 4, 1971

Youngstown Vindicator, October 14, 1971

The Tuscaloosa News, July 7, 1985

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