Monday, July 29, 2013

The Thirst (2006)

5 minutes in and I'm already regretting my choice of adding a recent movie to balance out my 70s proclivities but I'll see it through to the end for posterity's sake. Then again, the film's absurdity, low-browed humor and ultra-gore are slightly amusing in a semi-primordial way. For a few minutes anyway.

The story centers on Maxx and Lisa, two recovering addicts, who become reluctant vampires and part of a ruthless clan who not only enjoy the bloodlust but revel in the brutal taking of it. With the brood of neo-vamps marauding and murdering like the Manson family the plot turns emo faster than an online chatroom meetup when the conscientious Nosferatiis decide that the licentious Lugosi lineage must die. A battle ensues and everybody loses. Including us.

So the flick was shit but at least there were hot Asian vampiresses included on the celluloid cylinder to temper the disappointment. At least I think they were Asian. They looked Asian to me. Isn't that good enough?

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